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Looks matter, but most homeowners want entry doors designed not only to impress but also to perform well for years to come. And that’s why more and more builders,
remodelers and homeowners are turning toward fiberglass and away from traditional materials like wood and steel.
“Steel doors dent, ding, scratch, rust, corrode and often need to be repaired or replaced after construction is complete,” said Bill Pagryzinski, R&D Manager at Therma-Tru’s Advanced Technology Center in Edgerton, Ohio. “Fiberglass clearly outperforms even high-quality steel doors, especially when it comes to their performance over the long-term.”
Engineers at Therma-Tru’s Advanced Technology Center put Therma-Tru fiberglass entry and patio doors through a battery of sophisticated tests to ensure every fiberglass entry and patio door system it manufactures can stand up to weather and other factors. They carefully evaluate air infiltration, water penetration, mechanical performance, finish integrity, thermal transmittance and security performance, all in accordance with standards of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Insulated Steel Door
Institute (ISDI).

One of the tests conducted at the Advanced Technology Center is the “missile impact
test,” in which a nine-pound wooden beam is fired from a cannon directly at a fiberglass door slab. The strong performance of Therma-Tru’s fiberglass doors in this test means drastically reduced callbacks during construction – a huge benefit in time and cost savings to builders and remodelers. In another test of door finishes comparing fiberglass and steel, engineers created a simulation of the effects of prolonged exposure to salt fog. After 144 consecutive hours of testing, conducted in accordance with ASTM B117-03, a high-quality steel door with
a factory-applied finish clearly had lost its sheen. Therma-Tru’s stained Fiber-Classic® door, however, looked as good as ever. See “Steel Beater” on Page 2 Fiberglass: The Steel Beater
Tru-Performance T H E T H E R M A - T R U D O O R S R E S E A R C H S E R I E S Fall 2004 Therma-Tru’s stained Fiber-Classic door (left) clearly outperforms a steel door with a factory-applied finish in a six-day simulation of the effects of salt fog. Engineers tested the finishes of the two doors for 144 consecutive hours in accordance with ASTM standard B117-03. While there are no test standards specifically for fiberglass doors, Therma-Tru tests to the standards established by the Insulated Steel Door Institute.

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